Interrogating some basics: CCE and no detention

Priyanka Sharma

Seven years after its implementation, how is CCE faring? Have CCE and the no detention policy managed to achieve what they were meant to? Have we failed in implementing an education policy? Where and how have we failed?

Draw the world to know the world

Jinan K B

Drawing is something that comes naturally to every child. Whether good or bad, it is the way the child learns to observe and express himself. Instead of allowing children the freedom and encouraging them to continue to explore the world through their drawings, we push children to learn to write even before they are ready for it thereby undoing all the progress that the child has made in the process of growing up.

Teaching for a resilient tomorrow

Deborah Dutta
How are teachers helping children to face an increasingly unpredictable world? What kind of education is necessary to keep up with the rapid changes taking place? The writer talks about how it is not enough just to be physically prepared to face crisis, but to foster interconnections and networks among people, reach out and empathise and try and build societies anew.

Can you hear me?

Shefali Shah

India has been talking about inclusive education for some time, but how many schools are truly inclusive? Yes the number of schools taking in differently-abled children is on the rise but do they provide the environment necessary for these children to learn? For instance, how does classroom noise affect children, especially those with hearing loss? Here are some ideas on what a school can do to improve its acoustics and provide children who hear normally or otherwise a better environment to learn.

The school of life

Manasi Karthik

Going to school everyday, learning from prescribed textbooks, working within the confines of a system that is not very flexible. Is this your idea of the education you or your children are having? This author was courageous enough to step outside the system and experience learning in an entirely different and wholesome manner.

Hold that thought!

Meena Sriram

There is a lot of stress on thinking in learning these days. What is thinking? How do you get children to think? Can teachers changes the way their students think? Some thoughts for you to ruminate upon.

Speaking across borders

Chintan Girish Modi

It is time that India and Pakistan stopped being bitter about the partition and start accepting each other. Let us not poison the next generation as well with our bitterness. Let us learn from and not just about the partition and from not state sponsored textbooks but from a variety of resources that project a more humane history.

Infusing ICTs into the curriculum

Rittu Abichandani

The major players in the field of education have all agreed that technology will enhance the learning experience. Now it is important that steps are taken to infuse technology into the curriculum to get teachers to accept this new role of technology in education just as easily as they accept textbooks.

Designing and implementing an academic scorecard

Business organizations use what is called a Balance Scorecard to evaluate their all-round performance. Similarly, this author has developed an Academic Scorecard that schools can use to evaluate themselves and plan their strategies for improvement accordingly.

Fanning curiosity

Can critical thinking be developed in the early years? From stories to simple experiments to games that children
play – all are fertile grounds for critical questioning and thinking, provided the teacher sees those questions coming and places them before the children.