The logic of libraries

Vidushi Chaudhry

Libraries in India are few and far between. And those that are there only allow you to borrow a couple of books and offer you nothing more. This author’s experiece of libraries in America tells us what libraries can and should actually be.

Addressing a parent’s dilemma

Jyothsna Latha Belliappa
The recent child sexual assault case in a Bangalore school has caused widespread anxiety among parents and teachers. This article tries to address a parent’s concern.

‘Where the child is without fear’

Brendan MacCarthaigh

India has the highest number of student suicides in the world! Shocking isn’t it? These statistics indicate that there is something wrong with our education system. When are we going to wake up and do something about it?

Educating the educated

Kiran Gandhi
Is there a risk of over indulgence in sports at the cost academics? The author seems to think so and emphasises that it is very essential for teachers to find the middle ground.

Re-crafting education

Steven Rudolph
This is one article that needs to be read for the cause it espouses — to appreciate craft, especially items made from indigenous and naturally available materials. By inculcating in children a love for craft, teachers will be sharing learnings on sustainability, aesthetics and values. For this, a greater inclusion of craft in the school’s environment and curriculum is the need of the hour.

Let’s get personal with education

Steven Rudolph

The education system has to recognize that students are not workers in a factory and that in schools they are not being trained to work in industries. Education is meant for the individual child and we have to ensure that every child gets the education he/she deserves and not some mass produced knowledge.

A new face for textbooks

Steven Rudolph

In a lot of cases in India, textbooks are the only source of learning. Shouldn’t they then be attractive, meaningful and fun rather then dull, uninspiring, and boring? Some tips on how to make the textbook look and read better.

A natural born teacher

Steven Rudolph

This article takes us through a live example of how a Multiple Intelligence test helped a person to choose a profession that best catered to his personality traits.

Lessons I learnt

Steven Rudolph

Twenty five years of teaching will obviously teach you a thing or two about the profession. The author lists down a few lessons he learnt in all these years as a teacher.

The monkey behind CCE

Adrian Tennant

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation has received a lot of criticism from different quarters of the educational arena including the teachers who practice it. But a system that gives every student a chance to show what he/she can do rather than can’t has to be good. So what we really need is to provide teachers with a lot of support, besides developing tools and frameworks that fit the textbooks, to ensure that CCE is properly implemented.