Take a bite of this fruit!

S Upendran

Have you ever counted the number of expressions the apple has inspired in the english language? Find a few ‘apple inspired’ expressions here.

Tackling tattling

Manaswini Sridhar
Do you have tattlers in your class? Read to find a few suggestions on how to handle tattlers.

An introduction to excellence

Rajul Asthana
Education is an extremely important lever in developing a humane society. What we need education to do is to transform us into individuals who understand and fulfill their roles in the society.

An A-Z of classroom management

Simon Brown
Reprinted from the British council’s English Teaching Professional, this article gives teachers tips to manage their classrooms and build productive relationships with their students.

Take the paper route

Sujata C
Teach your students the versatile uses of paper and get them thinking about paper in several contexts through this project.

Laugh, play, learn with musical chairs

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
In this first of a series of articles on using simple games to teach different subjects, the authors tell you how the traditional game of musical chairs can be adapted to develop the eight multiple intelligences that a human being has.

The second class citizen

Pankaj Sekhsaria
How pedestiran friendly are the roads in your neighbourhood? Indian roads today seem to have no room…

When grammar comes alive

How do you teach grammar? Do you find that your students are bored or disinterested in the grammar class?

Awe-inspiring but vulnerable

Sadhana Ramchander
In our rushed lives, how many of us stop a moment to take a look at what nature has to offer? We don’t even seem to notice that something around us is missing until an environmental group or a news channel points it out to us.