…On the sands of Time

Pooja Vijay
Hardly any of us realise that our teachers have lives outside of the classroom.

Beautiful and full stop

Chintan Girish Modi
Mrs. Anne Fernandes taught us English at school. And she taught much else.

Turned full circle

Pawan Singh
I remember her voice, her saris and the way she wore her long hair – tied loosely to cascade naturally.

Let’s keep it simple

Soren Wagesh
When I reached class six, the school I went to decided that we needed more practice with numbers and theorems and therefore allotted two extra classes for the teaching of mathematics every alternate day.

Akka gave me a life

Janaki akka was much more than a teacher for me. She gave me a life I might never have had otherwise.

Teaching around the world

Mahrook Mamidanna
Yes, that’s me, invariably confused and indecisive. But, surprisingly, the two most important decisions in my life – my marriage and my career – were made without any hesitation or persuasion from others.

‘I became a student’

It was my first year as a teacher, in kindergarten. It was the first year in school for all my students.