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[27 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Telling it with puppets | ]

Seetha Anand
The kindergarten years, which are the formative years of childhood, are ideal for children to acquire learning skills such as concentration…

Comment, July 2008 »

[27 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Quality time with children | ]

Geetha Arvind
As parents, we are always advised to spend “quality time” with our children.

July 2008, Project »

[27 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Feathers in flight | ]

V Santharam
Birdwatching can be a pleasurable hobby and is one of the most popular outdoor activities in several countries.

July 2008, Notes from a Teacher's Diary »

[27 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Touching lives | ]

Radhika Shinde Vakharia
I have failed to understand how in a span of 35 minutes of interaction, one can be a good teacher…

Classroom Update, July 2008 »

[26 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Questioning the Aryan invasion theory | ]

Michel Danino
About 1500 BCE, hordes of semi-barbarian, Sanskrit-speaking nomads called “Aryans” poured from Central Asia into north-west India.

July 2008, Review »

[26 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Journey into the past | ]

Achala Upendran
Upinder Singh’s Mysteries of the Past: Archaeological Sites in India is a guided, instructive tour through the ancient history of the subcontinent.

Classroom Update, July 2008 »

[26 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Understanding DNA | ]

Chitra Kannabiran
The modern biological sciences whether biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics or cell biology…

July 2008, Last Word »

[26 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Repaying a debt | ]

Achala Upendran
She was a brilliant teacher; methodical and involved with her subject, involved enough not to let the seeming disinterest of the students pull her down.

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[31 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Caught between two worlds | ]
Caught between two worlds

Pawan Singh
From home to school and back, classroom to sports ground and back, and then finally to the examination hall, a child travels various distances to be finally considered “educated”.

Editorial, July 2008 »

[24 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Left out of the loop… Again? | ]

A lot of newsprint has – quite unusually – been devoted to school education in Andhra Pradesh in the last month. The AP State Government has drawn the ire of civil society organisations and teachers’ groups with its recent announcement that the CBSE syllabus with English medium will be implemented in the upper primary sections […]