Achala Upendran
The rain whistled through the gaps in the windows, dotting the clean white bedspread that lay over the tiny cot.

The Raddi-wallah

Pawan Singh
It was too hot and sunny a day for him to be doing business. He dragged his rickshaw-cart with the hope of turning all that pedalling into a decent livelihood.

The Scourge of The Staff Room

Cheryl Rao
Radha saw Mrs. Sharma through the open door, walking briskly down the corridor, heading towards the Staff Room.

Intensively Caring

Usha Raman
There’s a narrow oblong view to the outside world; a grey gravel street on which I can see the heavy wheels of trucks, the flighty, light tyres of mopeds and scooters, the earnest efficient bumpers and treads of a hundred different cars.

Teachers by The Book

Usha Raman
The first book I remember reading where a teacher was a prominent character was ‘To Sir, With Love’ by E R Braithwaite.

Catching Some Zzzs

S Upendran
At the end of a long day when you find it difficult to keep your eyes open, you tell your family members that you are going to bed, and bid them ‘good night’.

Financing Equitable Education

Jandhyala B G Tilak
By nature education is equitable, and hence when we say education, we are actually referring to equitable education and also quality education.


Picture perfect Our compliments for the excellent cover design. The tiny palms on the cover of the October issue speak volumes which we teachers and parents need to understand. The article ‘Come into my parlour’ was simply superb and informative. Read More …

Solving word problems

Kamala Mukunda
Many students find word problem solving difficult right through high school. One approach to helping them is to analyse what strategies successful problem solvers use.

Clay – A Vessel for Learning

All handicrafts have their importance in education because it is easy for children to learn when they do something with their hands.