Will I?

Mrinal Agarwal

And so they decided to eradicate me forever
And killed my veins and hands, the ones I felt never
And now as I fly as an angel, aspiring for a second birth
With my only wish, that I do not happen to be a part of dirt

It all reminded me of what I saw
In those few moments, when out of womb I was drawn
For me, the exasperating life inside had come to an end
But I never knew, that the end, would be a dead end

And out the surgeon pulled me with joy
With the thought of me, becoming a boy
But irony to my fate, everything turned upside-down
As I became a devil, then a clown

The wails of the mother had finally stopped
And seeing the beauty, many jaws dropped
With awestruck eyes, the smiles never ending
But towards the main conclusion, the discussions bending

The oldest members asked whether it was a boy or girl
Scared, the doctor replied with fear, ‘It is a girl!’
And from that moment, the smiles had faded
Oh why had the boat of joy laded?

And lost being passed among the crowd’s hands
I was stopped; everything turned into black and grey bands
For the joyful times were hidden by dark and dusky winds
Sudden movement stopped, froze all those hinds

And yet another day I remember plainly
Wished the atmosphere change joyful, but no; vainly!
The whispers and discussions truly made me scared
And did the mother speak something? Oh! She didn’t dare

But finally, the consultations vis-à-vis I had ended
With conclusion… I didn’t know! No idea had blended
The oldest again came in the limelight and spoke
‘This birth did really make my eyes awoke’

‘Let the girl be killed, the girl a shame for us,
Let it be fast and quick, without any fuss.’
And so, I was taken away, my mother cried hard
Away, no wonder where, with two men lard

Though now, I feel that is this what life really means?
Sometimes towards the good and bad, it obviously leans
And now, I wish to come back as a boy,
Will I get a second chance? Will I?

The author is a student of Delhi Public School, Jodhpur. He is 16 years old, an avid reader and a computer geek. He also loves writing, eating food and is a member of the English club at his school. He can be reached at agarwalmrinal09@gmail.com.

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