Who says holiday foods have to be sinful?

Amrita Choudary

Food has always been an important part of celebration. For generations it has brought people together. Even in the stone ages, people hunted, gathered, and feasted together. Food does not just build our bodies but plays a key role in building relationships. Families and friends bond over meals. Tradition demands that we honour our culture and heritage, and food has an important role to play here. In fact, each season and holiday has its traditional favourite foods – and they’re usually high in calories and fat. After all, what would Eid be without qubani ka meetha or sevaiyan (also known as sheer korma)? Or Ganesh Chaturthi, without modaks or motichur laddus?

For those of us trying to eat healthy, the holidays can get tricky. While you could discipline yourself and eat only the healthy stuff, you’re likely to end up hungry and wanting more. The holidays are a time to indulge but finding the balance is important. The trick is to give a new twist to your old favourites. Oil is central to all our festive celebrations. Deep fried foods are a part of our tradition! But you can go in for healthier oils that are lower in saturated fats and thus help lower cholesterol and also avoid the ghee in the recipes. Or maybe you could give baking a shot!

The author, an HR professional, became a chocolatier and accessory designer while in search of a creative outlet. She can be reached at a3.byamrit@gmail.com.

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