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D Paulomi

The Big History Project, was born out of discussions between Professor David Christian of Macquairie University, Sydney and billionaire Bill Gates of Microsoft, and aims to generate an interest in the growth of ideas among students worldwide.

The website offers timelines of the history of entire universe showing all the events recorded in history over a span of a single year. It also covers the subjects like Cosmology, Physics, Biology, Geology, Astronomy, and Sociology as all these subjects are inter-related to history. Hence one can easily access all the subjects under the umbrella of history making it an ideal learning experience.Ball

The timelines created under the Big History Project are designed especially for high school students across the world to foster an understanding of history and other scientific fields in a broader context. It gives an insight into a variety of themes explaining origin stories ranging from an atom to a galaxy. Linking several disciplines, it gives a unified account of the past and gives a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of the universe.

Having received an overwhelming response from the users, the site is now making its online content available for free.

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