The story of X and Y

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

X and y are siblings, as they are children of Math-Logic Intelligence. X’s real name is Logical, while that of Y is Illogical.

venn_diagram X (i.e., Logical) resembles her parents quite closely, so is respected and sought after by many. Y (i.e., Illogical), on the other hand, is the proverbial black sheep of the family and is mostly look down upon.

Since the parents – Math-Logic Intelligence – belong to the multiple intelligence community, they wanted both their children to be part of the schooling and learning system.

X was disappointed that while she was more than welcome in the maths class and also sometimes in the science class, in most of the other subject classes, she was considered a hindrance to completing the syllabus, or acquiring marks and getting the teacher’s appreciation. Y, used to being disrespected, had to reconcile with being completely unwelcome in school.

Concerned about their children, the parents decided to approach a school open to new ideas. They spoke to the school in detail about how multiple intelligence is good for every class and how math-logic could involve the children in the process of learning. Their request, to allow their children – Logical and Illogical – to visit various classrooms to demonstrate this,was accepted on two conditions: the children were given just a week’s time during which they had to do their demonstrations together.

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