The Not-me twins and Happy Hum

Sheela Ramakrishnan and Rajika Dhiren

happy With elections and Twenty20 cricket jointly gripping the psyche of the entire nation, in the background of the sweltering sweaty summer, the Lifebuoy advertisement of cleaning oneself 5 times a day seems very appropriate! And it also seems the right time to introduce the latest story from the Happy series – The Notme Twins and Happy Hum, which talks about cleanliness and hygiene as well.

With this story we continue our effort to provide you with ready-made projects that will serve the twin purpose of a value education class linked to all subjects and help children see the connection between subjects. We strongly believe that the development of the skills of correlation is vital to a child’s development and thorough understanding of the various subjects that they learn at school. It is not enough to just know mathematics but to be able to look at the chappathi on the dinner table and instantly see that it required mathematics, chemistry and physics to make it perfect!

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