The empathetic energiser

Geeta Gujral

With Ms. Rosy,
I feel cozy.

She is my teacher,
Certainly, not a preacher.

She is a friend,
That is the trend.

She is pretty,
Is always very witty.

With a heart of gold,
She is never cold.

In her tiffin,
She always brings a muffin.

Politeness is her gift,
With no one does she have a rift.

She adheres to the time,
Being late for her is a crime.

She is intelligent,
At no time, negligent.

Working tirelessly for children,
With passion and a pen.

Kindness in her is twined,
In her class I can unwind.

With her being truthful,
Always proves fruitful.

She is like a mother,
So, other things don’t bother.

In her class, we have fun!
Our classwork for her is always done!

Peer fights she always sorts,
Without any distorts.

Her look so affectionate,
Never lets you feel desolate.

She is within our reach,
No rule does she breach.

Eternally she has a million-dollar smile,
In the class, she never carries her mobile.

Full of etiquette,
She seems like students’ advocate.

She worries about us,
Even when travelling with us in the bus.

She takes us on the swings,
With no mood swings.

Starts the day and makes us pray,
In the class, she makes us play.

We learn all lessons without trouble,
Students don’t ever grumble.

She holds our hand when we tumble,
She is at all times extremely humble.

When I’m sad,
Her sight makes me glad.

This is no fad,
I’ve always told this to my dad.

I feel she is a child,
As she is so mild.

In all conditions she is calm,
Like a soothing balm.

She does care,
Teaches us to share.

My teacher I adore,
Never does she ignore.

On a scale of ten, if I were to rate,
This teacher the great.

It won’t be eight,
But a ten on ten straight.

That is her style,
Think for a while.

Now, do you know?
Why I look at her, and glow?

I want to come to school,
Only because of Ms. Rosy’s cool.

I wish I get her as my teacher,
In Grade V as my class teacher.

If my wishes come true and with magical brews,
All the teachers I would want to be in her shoes.

Time is here to think,
Can we get more teachers like her in a blink?

(From the point of view of a child)
DPS International
New Delhi

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