Steadfast and Silver

25-years-logoWhat a journey it has been! From the kernel of an idea within the textbook publishing business to an independent, multifaceted forum for practicing teachers of all hues, Teacher Plus has taken several turns, but always, always, stayed on the road. As we complete our 25th year, we continue to celebrate teachers and the work they do, inside and outside classrooms, across subject areas and levels, in schools and informal spaces. Teacher Plus began as a small experiment in 1989 in the cubicles of what was then Orient Longman. It then moved into the small editorial offices of Spark-India and shared space with other innovative publishing ideas before it moved out again into a space of its own. We’ve been fortunate to have gained a faithful readership and some really enthusiastic and inspired writers, and of course, a wonderful band of supporters, both individuals and institutions – Azim Premji University being the latest on this list. We’d like to thank each one of you who has travelled with us through our pages and hope that the words we put together have made your journey in education a little bit richer.

In this anniversary issue, we invited some of our contributors to talk about a “big idea” that could transform education, and we asked some others to reflect on and review the magazine’s gradual transformation over the 25 years of its existence. While we invited critical reflections, it is no surprise that most have been positive – and we take this humbly, because we know that there is a lot more that we can do, as a magazine and as a vehicle of ideas. We would like more of our readers to write to us and tell us what they think of these ideas, how their lives as teachers and learners unfold every day, with all the little and big challenges and satisfactions that they encounter. That’s the big project for the next 25. To build a larger, more diverse, more interactive community of innovative practice.

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