Sleight of Teaching

Meghana Rao
Isn’t it fascinating to watch bright, unruly ribbons turn into pigeons? Isn’t it amazing to see rabbits transformed into a bouquet of colourful flowers? Or to see a toffee emerge from the magician’s hand or a coin appear miraculously from a person’s ear? If adults like us are fascinated with such performances think how children might respond to them! Magic is discussed and analysed to great lengths, but our fascination with this art form never ceases.

Adding magic to teaching
Magic may seem far fetched in terms of teaching. But it can create immense interest in children. Children, as a rule are fascinated with and curious about magic. They will try to dig deeper and deeper to understand the tricks better. This curiosity can be used by the teacher to create other interests in children. There are several magic tricks which, if mastered, can help the teacher year after year. The teacher can perform some magic tricks for children and to make things exciting some easy tricks can be taught to them.

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