Seven steps to be an effective teacher

7Steps The seven step process is a methodology of facilitating learning in a classroom. It is a process of teaching concepts which gives students ample scope for experiencing and questioning while connecting it to their daily lives and thus making them appreciate the concepts better.

Step 1: Start with an activity/toy based on the scientific principle
Involve the students in an activity or a toy which has been designed specifically to impart the principle. Preferably, divide the students into activity groups. Give them guidelines and directions on how to do the activity or make the toy and provide them the material required.

Step 2: Pose a challenge and initiate brainstorming for ideas
Once the basic activity is done or the basic model of toy has been made by all groups, announce a contest/challenge which would involve a competition between the groups for the best model of the toy/best upgrades on an activity based on certain parameters. But before the students get working for the challenge, bring them together and initiate a discussion on how the basic model of the toy can be made better or how the activity can be upgraded. Fish for ideas and questions, throw hints and cues and ask questions: essentially, a warm-up session to get the students thinking. Give them a wide range of material to choose from for building their new toy or to experiment further on the activity.

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