Play and learn science

Shailendra Gupta

students1 Science is life and nature, from which all principles and laws have evolved. While teaching science we should try and make it practical, involving examples from day-to-day life, following the approach of asking what, why, and how. This article is an attempt to explore some indoor and outdoor activities for teaching science.

Associating scientific concepts with day-to-day life
We can make the teaching and learning of science memorable and fun filled by associating scientific concepts with day-to-day life and by developing formulas or tricks to remember facts and classifications.

While giving assignments to children be creative. Such assignments automatically evoke children’s interest and curiosity. Here is an example.

Helping children remember the class of lever: To remember the characteristics of different classes of lever, students have to simply remember the formula, “FLE”. Starting from the first letter, the formula represents what is “in between”. For example, in class 1 levers, the fulcrum (F) is between the load and effort; in class 2 levers, the load (L) is between the effort and fulcrum, and in class 3 levers, the effort (E) is between the fulcrum and load.

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