Time to raise the fig leaf?

Neerja Singh
Sex is no longer something that is hidden from view. Kids as young as six or seven gyrate vigorously to Bollywood tunes copying the actors on screen during school competions and we adults applaud the raunch choreography as cute. Have we as a society become desensitized?

Power to the primary teacher

Neerja Singh
Here is an article in defence of the primary teacher, who does not seem to get the respect that is due to her . A primary teacher invests a lot of emotional energy in her class and is more often than not burdened with all kinds of duties. Is it not time that people get to see the real primary teacher?

Can we listen to the young?

Usha Raman
Stories of injustice, neglect and outright condemnation abound in newspapers and the social media. The older generation has lived with this lopsided world but today’s younger generation is beginning to raise its voice and fight for what is right. Instead of shushing them down, as their caretakes let us help them find constructive ways to intervene at instances of injustice.

A ‘voluminous’ matter

Jayati Kaushik and Sindhu Sreedevi

Volume–an important but difficult topic for kids to fathom. Help your students understand what volume is, the difference between volume and capacity and how volume can be measured with these simple to do activities.

Ha, ha, ho, ho, he, he

In keeping with our cover theme of the month, we asked teachers to share lighter moments from their classrooms with us. From the several responses we received, we feature here a few that had us holding our sides. We hope Read More …

The long and short of ‘measurement’

Neerja Singh ‘Measurement’ as a lesson is a classic example of how removed our classroom can be from life around us. The metric table, standard units of measurement, our helpful mnemonics all work together to present this highly practical lesson Read More …

Ideas are for free

For this anniversary issue, Teacher Plus asked its contributors to share one ‘Big Idea’ that could transform education, an idea that could be implemented, or an idea that teachers have lived with for long but have not seen it take shape. So, here we offer 25 ideas, big and small, which can be put to work in your own spaces.

Innocent no more

When you think of children, you think of happy smiling faces. But in today’s times you realize that despite those smiles and innocent eyes, children are growing up faster than you’d like them to and are learning to be cunning and conniving, shedding their innocence sooner rather than later.