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T Vijayendra

Most school teachers in India do not have access to good books on education. The reasons are many. They do not know the existence of these books, and when they do, they do not know where to buy them and finally they cannot afford to buy these books. Here, an attempt is made to select a mini library for them, which hopefully covers the field of education as a whole. Of course this list is by no means exhaustive. The criteria, while putting together this list, were that the number of books was not many, that each book was small and easy to read and finally that the cost of the entire library was not more than Rs. 500. (Newer editions may cost more, but even then the cost of all these books together will not be more than Rs. 1000).

Politics of education

  1. Letter to a Teacher by School of Barbiana
  2. Danger: School! by IDAC (OIBS, Goa)
  3. On Education by Mulk Raj Anand (Sahitya Chayana, New Delhi)
  4. Compulsory Education and Child Labour by Myron Weiner
  5. The Teacher and the Child Labour by T Vijayendra (Manchi Pustakam, Hyderabad)
  6. Education philosophers

  7. Tagore – Pioneer in Education by Elmhurst (Sahitya Chayana, New Delhi)
  8. Sriniketan by Sandip Bandopadhyay (Earthcare, Kolkata)
  9. The Story of Nai Talim by Marjorie Sykes (Nai Talim Samiti, Wardha)

The author has been engaging with trade union movements, alternative journalism, libraries, bookshops and publishing, research, health, education and environment for four decades. He lives on an organic farm in the foothill of the Western Ghats, watching birds, writing occasionally, mainly for activist education in the journal Frontier, from Kolkata. He can be reached at t.vijayendra@gmail.com.

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