No one way

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

The best way to teach is the worst way to teach.

  • A lot of teachers and parents come and ask us what is the best way to deal with an xyz situation with a child; the best way to teach.
  • Some teachers ask about the ‘amable’ way of responding to children. Do we (at amable) use some different method to handle children, which is eluding them?
  • Some teachers and parents have told us that they feel bad when they deal with a child in a way that is contrary to what is considered the ‘best’ or prescribed way of facilitating or mentoring a child.
  • Many parents and teachers who visit us are confused when they see that in the same situation we respond differently to different children or differently even to the same child at different times. They expect consistency, what they get is confusing variety. Books on teaching and parenting guides have ingrained in them one rule – be consistent.

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