Mr. Happy’s Treasure

Primary Pack1
Sheela Ramakrishnan and Rajika Dhiren
Stinger, Leggy, Beady and Speedbird were waiting eagerly for their teacher, Mr. Happy to come in. He gave them such interesting things to do. “Today we will go on a treasure hunt,” said Mr. Happy, “I will give you a map to follow. Read the map correctly and you will find the treasure.” “Yippee! A Treasure Hunt! How exciting!” they all said.

Stinger was thinking furiously. “I am sure Beady will find the treasure first, because she is good at reading maps. But I want to win and I must find a way to do that”.Happy ManMr. Happy gave a map to each of them. “Drink some water and refresh yourselves before you start”, said Mr. Happy. They all trooped out of their class. Stinger was waiting for a moment like this. He quickly took out his eraser and changed the directions on Beady’s map carefully. Wherever it said, “left,” he changed it to “right”. He did it very carefully and quickly and by the time everybody came back to class, Stinger was in his place, looking quite innocent.

Primary Pack

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