Making the best use of time

Trisha Yachamaneni

Online school was a drastic change; initially I thought it’d be amazing. Waking up 10 minutes before class and just sitting in front of my computer, but that only lasted for a few days until I realized that it wasn’t working, I spent more time trying to stay awake and drifting off than actually paying attention in class. Next, I tried to act like I was going to school, waking up early, getting ready, eating breakfast and just sitting and reading. That didn’t work either, it was too unrealistic getting up so early and acting as if I had to go to physical school every day and just sitting at my computer, I became restless and unfocused. So, I created a schedule that worked for me, I wake up 45 minutes before my classes, eat breakfast and shower. I prepare for the day and make sure everything is ready. This mostly consists of getting my books, keeping any questions ready and talking to my friends. I keep myself busy during the breaks in between classes so that I can focus after the breaks are over. Soon school is over, but that’s when things get a bit harder.

Being on the laptop for about seven hours is very unhealthy, but necessary at this point. To minimize the strain on my eyes I do all the work that doesn’t require a computer much after school is over, such as completing my notes and going over what I did in class, I clear my doubts with the teacher, do research for any projects that may have been assigned and finish my homework. I then either go out and play with friends or watch TV with my brother if the weather isn’t good. After that, I switch between school homework (usually math) and reading, then eat dinner and go to sleep once my work is done.

With online school these days, I find that I have a lot more time and freedom. I’m able to learn a lot about myself and what helps me study and what I need to improve upon, as being alone for long amounts of time allows me to focus on myself. Also, online school has allowed me to sleep less and be able to function the same, because online school doesn’t require as much energy as physical school, thereby allowing me to reflect, relax and make better use of my time.

At the end of the day, I still miss physical school, the interactions, the running around and the learning environment. Until the pandemic is over, the best thing to do is to try to recreate the best aspects of the environment in school and utilize the freedom you have now to do more and learn more. Take advantage of being at home to learn new things and start new hobbies. I began to get into rock music, learning different ways to tune my guitar to play rock. Learning new things during the pandemic is the most productive and beneficial thing you can do for your present and future, giving you time to expand your interests and learn more about what interests you.

The author is a student in junior high school. She likes to read and swim and is interested in gaming. Her current obsessions are sci-fi and dystopia. She loves to travel and write. She can be reached at

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