Let’s introduce ourselves!

The last issue of the magazine marked our 25th anniversary and celebrated the role of teachers in today’s complex education scenario. What we would have liked to have done, but did not have space for, was a glimpse into our very modest office to meet the small team behind Teacher Plus. With most of our authors and illustrators, we have built a relationship that has carried us over the years, but we know our readers mostly only through the labels on the brown covers that carry the magazine across the country. So here’s a little insight into who we are, the minds and eyes and hands behind each issue of Teacher Plus.

Nirmala has been with us for the longest period, having joined in 2005 when the magazine was still a bi-monthly tabloid sized 24-pager. She came with a solid experience of editorial desk work at a leading newspaper and brought with her a rigour and depth to the planning and handling of copy, apart from an entry point to a large network of writers.

Kumar (S Rajendra Kumar), who handles layout and design, came on board in 2007, with a background in working on both short and long format publications at a large eye research institute.

Shalini also joined in 2007 just as the magazine made the transition to the monthly periodicity. Combining newspaper desk experience with copy editing at an educational organization, she has developed an eye for detail and a knack for handling difficult editorial decisions at short notice.

Sushma, the organizational anchor of Teacher Plus, came on board in 2008 and helped us tide over a period of great uncertainty, helping put systems in place, tightening the publication calendar, and nurturing our fledgling marketing efforts.

Divya joined the group in mid 2012 right after completing her master’s in communication. She helps maintain the web presence and is the link with our main collaborator and supporter – Azim Premji University.

Srinivas, the newest entrant to the group, handles data entry, subscriptions, circulation and mailing, and is discovering the intricacies of database management.

…and of course there is the growing network of columnists, guest editors and contributors of both written and visual inputs, who make us complete.

I have been with the magazine intermittently from its inception in 1986, to 1999, after which I have been continuously associated as editor. I’m a shadowy presence on the pages and the credit for the actual paper, ink and their combination to form meaning, goes to the very dedicated team!

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