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Shradha Patnaik

This summer, send your students on a virtual holiday in India.

Mentioned below is a list of inter-disciplinary activities that can be carried out as part of your students’ holiday homework.

Ask your students to pick any five states of India that they would like to visit or learn more about.

Activity: Get to Know the Region

• Ask students to identify the five chosen states and their capitals on a physical map of India.
• Ask students to create a comparative table/chart/poster for the five chosen states on the following aspects:

  • Physical features
  • Types of vegetation
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Types of houses
Activity 1: Learn a different language

• Ask students to find out the local/regional language spoken in the five chosen states.
• Also, ask them to write the terms used in those local/regional languages for the following:

  • Hello!
  • How are you?
  • I am fine, thank you.
  • My name is _____/I am _____.
  • I study in ________ school.

(You may choose any phrases/words/ terms that you would like your students to learn about.)

Activity 2: Report Writing
Ask students to write a brief report on any two chosen states covering the following aspects:

  • Famous tourist places
  • Folk music/dance
  • Main festivals
  • Religions
Art & Craft
Ask students to find out about the handicrafts for any two chosen states. You may ask students to paste pictures and write a brief description of the handicrafts. They may use a scrap book.

Activity: My Family Trip

You can create a worksheet on planning the cost of a family trip to any destination. Some suggested questions are given below:
a) Introduction: a family of four (4 adults) are visiting Ladakh from New Delhi for 7 days. Solve the problems below to calculate their total cost for the entire week.
b) Air fare: a single round ticket for one adult costs Rs 9000. How much is the total air fare for 4 adults?
c) Package tour: the family decided to take a packaged tour for the entire week. The package included the hotel stay on a double room sharing basis and travel by taxi in and around Ladakh. The room was given at a cost of Rs1500 per day. Two such rooms were booked for the entire week. The local travel cost the family Rs 15000 for the week. Calculate the total cost of the package tour.
d) Lunch: the family spends around Rs 2000 everyday on lunch. What is the amount spent by them on lunch that week?
e) Shopping: the family went to the local market to shop for souvenirs and traditional clothes. Their bill amounted to a total of Rs 1632. The father paid an amount of Rs 2000 to the shopkeeper. How much money should he get back?
f) Dinner: the family went out for dinner to a five star restaurant. Their total amount was Rs 5000. They also had to pay a service charge at the rate of 15 per cent of the total bill amount. How much money did they have to pay towards the tip?
g) Total amount spent on holiday: Find out the total expenditure the family spent on their holiday.

*The types of questions can be altered depending on the grade for which the activity is being designed.

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