Learning by doing

Sinny Mole

I started my career in a school that had conventional classrooms where we had to teach using chalk and blackboard. The blackboards turned green over time. Soon, I witnessed the smart board era – a wonderful transformation. But it was not easy to keep pace with these changes. The rule of the game – survival of the fittest.

Our school has implemented computerization at all levels. In the initial days I felt threatened. The young teachers were tech savvy and hence they never felt the difference. I took it as a challenge and joined the ‘CIC’ (Certificate in computing – IGNOU) course and successfully completed the same. I spent several hours on my personal computer and learned from my daughter and my better half.

Now things are well under my control. I prepare presentations and handle the smart board (extra marks) in my classroom without any trouble. I am glad to say that our children download the homework sheets posted on our school website. You can imagine the effort that is put in by our team.

I worked in various schools having taught from KG to high school level. I followed the conventional teaching methods in the beginning. At various roles I enjoyed working and contributing to the curricular and co-curricular activities for the holistic development of children. It paid good dividends and thus nurtured my career.

I was a teacher, an administrator, counselor and guide. From conducting staff meetings to organizing major events such as cultural shows, exhibitions, and competitive examinations, I learnt the art of meticulous planning and time management which helped me to execute the routine activities and special programmes in a flawless manner.

As head of the math department I involved my teachers in preparing the syllabus and also collaborated with them and helped them implement their ideas on classroom activities.

It may be of interest to mention that my core subject is chemistry. In the early days I was more into teaching science. When I joined the primary level, I was required to take up math class also. I resisted this change. But, out of necessity, I decided to sharpen my teaching skills in math and hence joined the course “CTPM” (Certificate Programme Teaching of Primary School Mathematics – IGNOU). I completed the course successfully.

Being a math teacher I got a lot of opportunity to attend math workshops conducted by Mr. S Sundaram, our principal then. He inspired me to take on higher responsibilities and master the activity method of teaching math. This paved way for my role as Primary Math team leader and HOD subsequently.

Further, I attended several in-house workshops conducted for skill development. I have now started conducting in-house workshops in math for our teachers. It gives me a lot of opportunity for my personal development. To me, it is learning by doing.

My message to all is that, never surrender to the challenges coming your way. Nothing is impossible. Never stop learning. Unleash your curiosity like a child. Look for innovations in your classroom teaching. Always uphold the spirit of teamwork and success will follow.

The author has been a teacher in K.D.Ambani Vidyamandir for the last eight years. She teaches math to the primary classes and conducts in-house training for teachers. She can be reached at sinnymolepm@yahoo.in.

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