Graph paper – the math wonder tool

Mathematics as a branch of study has evolved over centuries with inventions of many tools along the way. Graph papers are one of the oldest and most widely used tools for learning math. The graph paper is a paper with uniformly spaced horizontal and vertical lines printed on it. Every 10th line (horizontal & vertical) is thicker in width.

This article is an attempt at exploring the Graph Paper as an effective learning tool in the classroom. Though we would be sharing our limited experience of having implemented the activities being suggested, we strongly believe that there can be many more ways of using them as wonderful teaching aids.

Material required
A bunch of graph papers (according to the strength of the class).

Sample Activity Ideas
Activity Ideas for Primary/Middle School
Number grid: Forming numbers by combining digits
To learn numbers from 0-99:
• Write the digits 0-9 from top to bottom in blocks of a column.
• Write the digits 0-9 from left to right in blocks of a row.
• Form numbers by combining digits from row & column.
• Write numbers formed inside the blocks

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