Getting ready for every day

Aanya Pande

Online school is a new experience, and like many others, I found it hard to adapt to. On a normal day, I try to wake up 15-30 minutes before classes start, so that I can prepare myself for them. However hard this is at first, it helps refresh you and you are alert in the classes. When I prepare for class, I try to make sure I have what I need for things to go smoothly – notebooks, pencils, pens, and anything else necessary. During the first year of online school, I struggled with taking notes, but I soon found that taking short, concise notes are what help most, because they help put your point across without wasting any time. Between classes, I enjoy spending time with my family or my pet, which energizes me. Once I am done with classes, I take a short break and relax or watch TV. Based on how much homework I have, I try to get it finished before 3:30 or 4 and leave the rest of the day free. In the evening, I spend time on a hobby, like reading, yoga, or drawing. After this, I call some friends, or my brother, to hang out and play. This is probably my favourite time of day because I forget about any school or general worries and am surrounded by people I love. To end my day, I try to sleep before 10:30, so that I get ample rest and can wake up on time. Before I go to sleep, I listen to music or read for some time, because it always leaves me feeling calmer and ready to do it all again tomorrow.

The author loves to read and write. She enjoys writing more because it allows her look at things through the perspective of others and see herself in different ways. She can be reached at

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