Every ending is a new beginning

…Just turn the page

Dilsha Chebolu

On my first day of school, I was very nervous. I had just come from the US and had to adjust to a new environment. I remember walking into the classroom, nervous but excited. When I walked in, I saw a few of the friends I used to meet during my trips to India and was glad that there were people I could interact with. However, I soon found out that all my classmates were really friendly and I made new friends. I remember walking around the school and loving everything about it, especially all the plants.

I joined in the middle of the year, and we were only two weeks away from the mid-term exams. I was really nervous, because I didn’t know any of the Indian languages and had to learn them from scratch. But my teachers were very helpful and I was able to write my exams well.

I also remember participating in the Literary Fest that year. A few of my classmates and I put up a play and ended up winning most of the prizes. We were so excited when they were announcing our names. I also remember Cultural Week, where students from different sections brought a variety of food items and we sat together and ate. We also saw our seniors dance, it was really amazing.

I remember going to the Adventure Camp. This was a huge step for me, as I have never stayed away from home, not even for sleepovers, so it was my first time. I had so much fun with my friends that day. I was also able to overcome my fear of heights, by doing the zipline. My friends and I did a number of awesome activities. Setting up our tents was a new experience as well. At night we all sat around the campfire, it was so calming.

I didn’t get to experience the last day of school as schools shut down suddenly in the middle of exams. However, even in the pandemic period, all the teachers and our principal made sure that we didn’t miss anything related to academics. We did so many fun activities even from home. I participated in the Literary Fest again by doing an act about ‘Not Taking Advantage of Our Parents’ and got the first prize. I also got an opportunity to talk about all the teachers of our school on Teacher’s Day, which was an honour. I participated in MUN and I got an award. I also participated in math week, on how to use math concepts in finding asteroids, which was awesome. I hope that I will be able to go back to school soon because I really miss the whole place and I also want to meet my teachers and friends in person again.

The author is a student of class 9, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans Public School, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. She is a budding talent in the field of robotics and loves to bake, swim and listen to music. She can be reached at ulobehc.ahslid@gmail.com.

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