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Shabnam Bhaya

It is all about passion! Passion for your work involves you in a series of natural, self-generated efforts and exertion that gradually leads you to a sense of fulfilment. Very often the joy of this fulfilment becomes a divine experience!

When I joined Bluebells School in 1992, I was confident that I would accomplish what I had set out to. I had already gained valuable teaching experience in Chandigarh where I was able to impact the young generation with my idealism. I had an unsaturated passion for teaching and for directing the young on a path that would help them become responsible citizens.

My career graph has been a blend of challenges, excitement, and passionate perseverance. I started my career as a Hindi teacher for middle and secondary classes and through my rewarding experiences as a subject and a class teacher, I gradually extended my creative and organizational skills to coordinate and head various departments such as Hindi, Art & Music, Computers & Multimedia and Sports. Shouldering the prestigious position of Head, Culture and now handling responsibilities as Head, Academics has been for me a journey of consistent hard work and commitment.

The growing importance of technology in the field of education, the changing methodology of classroom interactions threw constant challenges that not only necessitated a change in one’s outlook but also inspired one to learn and grow. As a facilitator, a teacher cannot limit herself to being a ‘philosopher, friend and a guide.’ She has to become an excellent planner and an organizer who is adept at creating collaborative activities that can lead to independent thinking and learning of the learners. Today, learners have all the answers available to them at a click of the mouse. We have to therefore develop questioning skills that can propel and motivate learners to research, discuss, analyze, and assimilate their opinions – thus becoming aware and willing to take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

The complex problems of a restive class are being compounded because we are unable to compete with the changing trends in the education system. The interest and respect of the learner can be sustained only when teachers have the required subject knowledge and are able to teach according to the individual needs of the students, and also be a role model for them through our own value system.

‘Open Text Based Assessment’, ‘Problem Solving Assessment’ and ‘Value Based Questions’ introduced by our education system are powerful indications that we do not need to hold the hands of our learners but allow them to take their own path for acquiring knowledge.

Let us keep the flame of this passion alive and let this passion be pure and laborious in intent and in expression because it is linked with igniting the minds of curious, capable learners who are totally under our guidance!

The author is currently Academic Head, Bluebells School International, New Delhi and has a teaching experience of 29 years. She can be reached at

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