Connecting to everyday reality

We experience amazing things every day: from riding bicycles to driving cars, from flying in planes to watching rockets go up. Our day to day transactions are filled with such experiences that show applications of what we learn or teach in schools, colleges, etc. Each of these experiences can give real insight into the fundamentals of a subject.

Let’s take some examples:

Ramu goes to a shop to buy rope. He asks the shopkeeper for it and the responses he gets are as follows:
What material should the rope be made from?
What should be the length of the rope?
What is the price range?

Ex 2:
You go to the market to buy some tomatoes and the first thing you need to specify is how much you want (by weight).
Say tomatoes are sold for Rs 50 per kg and you buy 1.5 kgs. How much should you pay the shopkeeper?
In case you pay him Rs 100, how much change should you take back from the shopkeeper?

Ex 3:
Why does a bicycle balance itself when moving but tend to fall when stationary?
What makes aeroplanes fly?
Why does blowing on your soup cool it down?

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