Coconut – the king of palms

Sujata C

Albert Einstein is known to have said, it is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. Many teachers have admitted that regular curriculum can sometimes be a drag. But just when you feel that formal teaching is beginning to dull your class, you can use a project to help your class get curious again. As you go through this project you will discover how a coconut can unlock the magic of learning.

Coconut, the wonder fruit, cuts across many disciplines and creates opportunities for learning beyond the textbook and classroom walls. Jot down the disciplines you can cover with the coconut; chart out a plan and the project objectives first.

The coconut tree is called the tree of life or Kalpavriksha in India because it fulfills innumerable needs of man. It gives you a delicious meal and quenches your thirst. Among other things it is used as fuel, to construct bridges, boats, to make ropes, roofs, brooms, brushes, furniture, spoons, cups, cosmetics, curios, toys, and musical instruments. You get almost everything from this tree. Every part of the tree is useful and none of it is wasted. Among the many sobriquets that coconut enjoys are – King of Palms, Tree of Heaven, Nature’s Supermarket, etc.

Coconut has a special place in nature’s scheme of things and makes the grade for an offering to god. Coconut is also known as NuxIndica – the Indian Nut. There is documented evidence of this fruit being used in our mythological texts.

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