Are you worth your salt?

How many idioms using the word ‘salt’ do you know? How did they originate? Learn from this time’s Words Unlimited.

Soapbox orator in the soap

Serials on television are a big hit with women. But have they ever pondered why these are known as ‘soaps’? Read on and find out more about soapbox orators and soap operas.

Going by the rule book

If you thought being a teacher in today’s times is extremely difficult, you will probably change your mind when you read what was expected of teachers in the early 18th and 19th centuries.

Foot up the quick?

What is the origin of the words ‘quick’ and ‘bald’? Often used in everyday conversation, rarely do we to stop to think about how these words originated. Read on to find out more.

History or Herstory?

Every event in history has introduced to the English language new words. The women’s liberation movement of the 1970s was no different. Read to find out the words that became a part of the English language courtesy the liberation movement.

Cell phone or hell phone?

Some of us love this contraption and some of us absolutely hate it. But this little instrument has sprouted a whole new vocabulary in the English language.

Wanted, Prof. Higgins

English holds a very important place in india. So much so, when it is time for the modern, urban girl to choose her partner, apart from other desirable qualities and qualifications, the young girl wants something more —- the Prince Charming has to be fluent in English.

The Gods are crazy and they’re mean!

Continuing where he last left off, the author engages us with tales from the Greek mythology while pointing to the origins of certain words in the English language.