C is for coding

Kamakshi Tewary
Coding or computer programming is being introduced at the primary level the world over with some schools making it a compulsory part of the curriculum. Ask any child today, and he or she will say that with coding they can do ‘cool things’. This short article takes you through the basics of coding and how and where children can learn about it.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Ullas Ponnadi
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword among researchers and scientists. Its evolution is leading to the prediction that in the near future human created computer power will exceed the capabilities of the human brain. Both robotics and AI can be applied in various domains from military and medicine to exploration and entertainment. Read up this article to find out the opportunities that exist for students in this field.

Can you print out this…thing?

Ullas Ponnadi
The next big thing in technology is 3D printing. Over the next few years, 3D printing is bound to create a revolution of sorts. At the school level, this exciting area can be introduced to the children, provided schools are able to afford a 3D printer. Low- cost solutions are also available with contents that can be reasonably aligned with the school curriculum. Read up on this exciting technology.