Playtime = Learning time

Munusamy Raviraaj

Getting children to learn and incorporate value education in classrooms is a challenge faced by educators. A new fun and experiential learning aid for children in elementary schools called ‘Play and Improve’ helps teachers to talk about positive and negative attitudes in a fun way. Teachers can get across important messages with values to the children so that it is firmly imprinted in their minds. Read all about this exciting tool in this article.

Photoplay: A medium of the mind

Subha Das Mollick
Watching movies is fun and when things are fun learning becomes easy. Here is how you can use movies as a teaching-learning tool.

Think aloud – unleashing a child’s mind

Think aloud can be an effective strategy in the teaching-learning process as teachers can clearly witness how different students think their way out of the problems they encounter. This article offers tips on how students can be taught to think aloud.

Teaching with connections

The subjects that we teach in schools are not isolated islands. They are all related to one another and our understanding of one subject helps us understand another. So the next time you begin a lesson, why not try teaching with connections?

Life skills through ‘Modern Times’

Popular films have not just entertainment to offer us but education as well. In the March issue of Teacher Plus we told you how you could use the movie ‘Home Alone’ to teach physics. This article tells you how you can instil life skills in your students by getting them to watch Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times.

A practical resource: Ri Gyancha

Contextual learning is the mantra these days. It is important that children can relate what they learn to their surroundings. Ri Gyancha is a bio diversity kit for educators from Ladakh.

Fostering creativity

What is creativity? Is it inborn or something you can develop over time? How can you nuture creativity and how important is it? Find answers to all these questions in this article.

What is a teaching aid?

Meena Raghunathan

If you believe that you have to invest a lot to develop or buy teaching-learning materials you are wrong. Here are inexpensive materials you can use from your surroundings to make teaching fun.