Put down your chalks, dusters and textbooks. Find here are some fun ways of introducing numbers and basic mathematical concepts to young children.

Priya in lever land

Cynthia D’Costa Priya lived in a small village named Vidynagar. She was quite excited. You see, her tenth birthday was fast approaching. This time she was expecting her cousins from the city to join her. Melosa, Aden and Seon had Read More …

Enjoy spelling!

Remediana Dias

Spellings–most children find them difficult to master. Dictation used to be the only way to reinforce spellings earlier but here are more fun ways of learning to spell.

Mr. Happy’s Treasure

Sheela Ramakrishnan and Rajika Dhiren Stinger, Leggy, Beady and Speedbird were waiting eagerly for their teacher, Mr. Happy to come in. He gave them such interesting things to do. “Today we will go on a treasure hunt,” said Mr. Happy, Read More …

Listen while you learn

Ratna Rao How does a child learn his native tongue? By listening. The child starts listening, some say, even while in the womb of the mother, to the sounds of the language the mother speaks. Listening is the foundation of Read More …

Sleight of Teaching

by Meghana Rao
Magic in a classroom? Yes! Could there be anything more fascinating? Use magic in the classroom to liven things up, build a rapport and to teach.

Inspecting Insects

Learning by doing is a cliché today; and yet, one can breathe new life into it constantly.

Body Machine

Padmasini Ranganath Understanding the human body in its entirety can be difficult for children who are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the whole. One way to simplify it, yet indicate the extent of its complexity, is to compare it Read More …

The Rules of Silence

Srijaya Char Silent reading helps in easy comprehension. The technique also reinforces the eye-mind relationship. Speed readings coupled with good comprehension are markers of proficient reading. This can be taught to children when they are very young. One effective method Read More …