Why I love going back…to the LEC community

Neeraj Naidu
What makes a person pick up one book from many? Browsing for a book is an act that bridges the space between the book and the reader. And what about book displays? Do they connect with the reader or a browser who is looking for something unique? Read through this article by a library educator who loves going back to the community.

Library: A place to begin and a place to be

Proma Basu Roy
The author recounts her journey of starting a small book corner in a school which did not have a library at all to establishing a full scale library for the entire school and a library period for each class once a week which has been integrated into the school timetable. The wheel had come full circle. Read on to know how this magical experience came about.

Bringing picture books to life

G Veena Rao
Of all the different kinds of books there are, picture books are the most underrated. Picture books can impart a wealth of knowledge and can be read by anybody at any age. As the author worked with first generation learners with picture books, their high utility value became even more clear to her. Her desire now is to start a picture book library and make these books easily accessible.

The unfinished bridge between the library and school

Judith Thomas
Here is an interesting account of how an attempt was made to reopen the school library, despite the pandemic, in order to give children an opportunity to move out of their homes, meet their peers, make small but important choices for themselves – giving them a sense of autonomy and freedom. The idea was to reconnect with students, building a bridge between the school and the online learning space.

The power of read-aloud

Yasin Khan
Reading aloud is an art that people working with children need to learn and learn well. Not only does it help develop the reading habit in children, but it also facilitates the overall wellbeing of the child even while improving their cognitive skills.

Literature circles in libraries

Sonia Deshpande
Reading together as a group can help deepen children’s engagement with books and also bring them together as a reading community. It is also about the group finding value in thinking together and discovering different perspectives. A look at how literature circles enable better understanding of a book.

Breathing life into a public library

Nayan Mehrotra
This article talks about the writer’s intervention in the public library space. She finds that there is no single factor that hampers the growth and popularity of the public library, rather it is more of a serious systemic issue.

“Opening” up a school library

Anuradha Pachanooru
Discover the excitement, enthusiasm and learnings that a library can pass on when used properly. This is the story of the transformation of a school library from a neglected storeroom to an active and vibrant learning space.

Bringing Non-Fiction into the light

Anandita Rao
The reading world is divided into those who love fiction and those who can’t see beyond non-fiction. And it is often difficult to persuade one to try the other. This librarian too was happy in her world of fiction until she was challenged to step into the other side. In her journey of exploring non-fiction she surprisingly realized that there is very little to differentiate fiction and non-fiction.