A bouquet of miracles

Shweta Bharti

Teaching is by no means an easy job but the rewards it gives you are addictive and makes life worth living.

The wonder wrought by words

Talitha Mathew

Words are like the ‘skin of our thoughts’. They are needed by students as food for the mind and spirit. They inspire, motivate and awaken the inner learning creature that can only be sustained, that can only grow and develop on a steady diet of meaning and symbol.

Dangerous contextualization

As teachers it is extremely important that we are careful about how we choose to teach concepts. This teacher narrate his experience of attending a workshop in which the trainer without thinking uses a story of communal disharmony to elucidate a math concept.

Who owns English?

The author recounts the challenges he faces while teaching English in India.

In defence of the blackboard

With whiteboards and digital classrooms fast becoming popular among schools, this teacher writes in defence of the old school aids, particularly the blackboard.

The Chinese odyssey

Rudy Kong Living in China was not the only new and exciting aspect of our adventure. This was my first ‘real’ teaching job as a certified teacher, and working in China presents certain intricacies that test one’s resolve. One of Read More …

A new day, everyday

How different is a typical school day in the U.S ? Jeff Symanski takes readers on a tour of his day at school, explaining in the course that there can never be a typical day in teaching and therein lies the challenge. Everyday is new and that is what makes the profession exciting.

Self-assessment at Centre for Learning

Engaging with children to look at their own work and attitudes helps the teacher gain an insightful feedback. Self-assessment is not only a very important evaluation exercise, but is, in itself, a direct and important learning activity towards the achievement of curricular aims.