Nature by the ocean

Geetha Iyer

Schools are now running the last lap before they close down for summer. And summer means holidays, beaches, shells. So this time in Nature watch we introduce you to molluscs and bring you activities you can do and things you can observe while you are having fun at the beach.

Ways of naming: folk taxonomy

Geetha Iyer
We often find ourselves categorizing, sorting, listing and group things to help us understand them better and this process is called folk taxnomy. This particular article discusses three very common trees that are confused one for the other because they are all either called Wood apple or elephant apple trees.


In this month’s Naturewatch we take a look at a creature that is normally ignored or detested–the millipede.

Moths are beautiful too!

Butterflies are colourful; they are more attractive, and they are often more romantic. But moths are beautiful too! And here’s why.


Fish watching can be as absorbing a hobby as bird watching and less expensive too. One does not need binoculars or a telescope, just large doses of patience and a love for fish. It is also a good way of getting rid of tension and stress. Geetha Iyer outlines how this interest can be developed, from purchasing an aquarium to watching fish in the wild.

Corals – architects of the underwater metropolis

In our new series titled Nature Watch,Geetha Iyer introduces readers to certain diverse life forms that are not often talked about in classrooms, but can be woven into the syllabus to provide absorbing and exciting lessons. The first of the series discusses corals.