Sridivya Mukpalkar

The relationship between a grandparent and grandchildren is a relationship like no other. The grandparent is able to relive their childhood and the grandchildren find a wonderful friend. But the grandparent-grandchild partnership sometimes causes problems for the parents. Here is a mother’s lighthearted reflection of her father’s frequent visits to his grandchildren.

Live your values

Latha Vydianathan

Imagine a room full of children, heads down, diligently writing their exam and no adult to monitor them! Invigilator-less exams are a new concept that some schools are adopting as a way of helping students internalize values such as discipline and honesty.

Stopping to reflect

Chintan Girish Modi

A writer reflects on his journey as a freelance educator.

Good garbage

Tim Hibsman
Here is a wonderful example of how learning can be fun, interactive and can also be turned into a game or a challenge.

A room full of surprises

Tim Hibsman
Do your students know how to give a good speech? What constitutes a good speech? How can the speaker engage the attention of the audience? Here is an interesting session on anecdotal learning, and you , as a teacher, can takeaway important lessons from this article.

Will I?

Mrinal Agarwal

A touching poem about the thoughts of a new born girl upon learning that she is unwanted.

Where are the boys?

Neerja Singh
Is there a major ‘boy crisis’ in the country? In all the talk about women empowerment and increase in female enrolment in educational institutions, are we leaving the boys behind? Read up this interesting article and make sure there is some reflection on your part.

A fairy tale re-told

Heera Nawaz

Fairy tales are all nice and wonderful to read but when little children ask you difficult questions about these tales you thought were quite harmless you have to stop and think about fairy tales in a whole new light.

Museums as learning spaces

Nimesh Ved

Let us not relegate museums to the itenerary of the tourist alone. Being a storehouse of knowledge, museums can become wonderful learning spaces for the interested.

An invitation to read

Heera Nawaz

Libraries are no longer simply storehouses for books. Librarians everywhere are taking that extra step to make reading a habit among their users. See how this librarian got students from her school excited to read.