Crossing the border

Chintan Girish Modi
A visit to Lahore undertaken by a 21-member delegation that comprised students and teachers from four different schools helped the team to gain an insight into the shared culture, history and lifestyle of both India and Pakistan.

Exploring new learning spaces

How important is the classroom to teaching and learning? Is it necessary that children sit on benches inside the four walls of a classroom to learn their lessons? Read to find out how the children at Adharshila Learning Centre have created their own learning space outside the classroom.

Meeting to engage and energize

Bringing about educational reforms is not easy. There are several stakeholders involved and a consciousness has now set in among the various stakeholder for the need to collaborate if reform is to take place. Teacher Plus takes a look at how two seperate events kept to this spirit of collaborative engagment.

Initiating Kabir in the classroom

What can Kabir, a 15th Century saint poet, offer to schools? From his poetry to the films on his life and teachings made by Shabnam Virmani, there is a whole range that the Kabir Project has on offer. This article takes a look at the several resources that are available.

Teacher Fellowships: an idea

The Regional Resouce Centre for Elementary Education at the University of Delhi is offering teacher fellowships to schoolteachers to allow them to undertake classroom based research to improve their professional capacities as teachers. Here is a reprot.