Speaking across borders

Chintan Girish Modi

It is time that India and Pakistan stopped being bitter about the partition and start accepting each other. Let us not poison the next generation as well with our bitterness. Let us learn from and not just about the partition and from not state sponsored textbooks but from a variety of resources that project a more humane history.

Infusing ICTs into the curriculum

Rittu Abichandani

The major players in the field of education have all agreed that technology will enhance the learning experience. Now it is important that steps are taken to infuse technology into the curriculum to get teachers to accept this new role of technology in education just as easily as they accept textbooks.

Designing and implementing an academic scorecard

Business organizations use what is called a Balance Scorecard to evaluate their all-round performance. Similarly, this author has developed an Academic Scorecard that schools can use to evaluate themselves and plan their strategies for improvement accordingly.

Fanning curiosity

Can critical thinking be developed in the early years? From stories to simple experiments to games that children
play – all are fertile grounds for critical questioning and thinking, provided the teacher sees those questions coming and places them before the children.

The 20-minute Workout at Work

Spine stretch Increases flexibility and circulation in entire spine; improves eyesight Sit on the front half of your chair. Place your left hand on the outside of your right knee and hook your right arm over the back of the Read More …

Fitness and The Teacher

Long hours hunched over notebooks, reading often illegible handwriting in poorly lit and sometimes poorly ventilated staffrooms, arm raised for minutes at a time writing on the blackboard, shoulders slumped with the weight of two score and more books…and we Read More …