Feel the magic

Sharmila Govande
Learning is no longer confined within the boundaries of a school. In fact, many today believe learning best happens outside of school. The Learning Societies UnConference or LSUC is an event that firmly believes that if you wish to learn, the world and its experiences are your teachers. An unconference that was started in 2002, LSUC strives to take out the school from its participants and open them up to real learning.

Nurturing the creative gene

Surekha Nayani

The problems facing the world today are not simple or small. Therefore, the solutions to these problems have to be creative and out-of-the-box. Apart from producing literate and knowledgeable young people, schools should also cultivate their students’ creativity.

Fighting the inner wars

G. Gautama
In today’s world, is there freedom for the individual to speak his/her mind, to ask questions, or even to express a different viewpoint? Should the teacher teach resilient participation and ownership to students so they can be effective citizens? Or should he/she teach them conformity, to obey commands and orders? This is the dilemma of a teacher.

Educational ecology of memorization

Kathan Shukla
How can students tap into their deeper levels of learning and not just indulge in rote- learning for the sake of exams? The author in this article points out to the need for more application- level questions in exams, and more higher quality teachers who are professionally competent.

Working from within their world

Snehal Vadher
Most cities, these days, are very much like one another. Therefore it is only when you teach in the rural areas, the hills and places faraway that you realize the mismatch between what students study in school and what they need to know to survive in their environment. This is when you realize the importance of indigenous knowledge and why it should be a part of what we are teaching children.

A whole-school plan to support student wellbeing

Shivani Mathur Gaiha, Sneh Verma, Yashu Kumar
A healthy mind is one of the necessary requirements for learning to take place. But this aspect is not really given the importance that it should be in schools in India. Schools are home to emotionally vulnerable adolescents and if we are to help them stay focused the entire school needs to work towards keeping our students emotionally healthy.

Taking stock of schooling systems

Sushama Yermal

The Indian education system is in a terrible shape and unless we do something about it immediately we won’t be able to rescue our children’s future. This is by now common knowledge. But despite several attempts why aren’t we able to do anything? Here’s analyzing Lant Prichett’s, American educationist, book, Rebirth of Education, which not only identifies the problems with education systems in developing countries but also proposes possible solutions.

An emotional safety net

Fiona Vaz

In a world that is fast becoming selfish, indifferent, and hateful of others, it is important that we bring up emotionally healthy children who understand and experience their emotions undeterred, for only then can they begin to understand the other.

Fat to fit: causes and control of childhood obesity

Thomas John

Childhood obesity is on the rise in India. We are all aware of the adverse effects of this on our young population so let us, parents and teachers, join hands to fight childood obesity. Here are a few tips.

Getting students on to the career path

Lamia Bagasrawala
Students in high school are faced with life changing decisions. Many students are at the crossroads during this crucial time while trying to decide on their future course of action. Parents too, have limited awareness and are unable to guide their wards properly. How can schools facilitate the career- guidance process? If this is integrated with the school curriculum, it makes the task that much easier. The author highlights some activities and processes that can be initiated when students begin high school.