The word genie’s magic

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

What is the purpose of language? Is it to communicate or express one’s thoughts? This article states that the purpose of language is to help children think, to play around with thoughts, to analyse or even to imagine. Here are eight Es of verbal and linguistic intelligence. Follow them closely.

Learning from nature

Since time does not always permit us to take our students out to observe and learn from nature, why not use our natural intelligence to bring the essence of nature into our classrooms and the subjects we learn. Here is how we can do that.

The art of seeing

In our series on multiple intelligences, this time we take a look at Visual intelligence. Visual Intelligence is about seeing from an active and playful mind. It’s about seeing the present, the future and the past. It’s about seeing, carrying, playing with, and creating images. Visual Intelligence is not about Art class. It’s about Art class in every class.

The story of X and Y

This article explores the multiple intelligence theory in the form of a story about two children and their experiences in different classrooms

My ‘self’ intelligence

It is important, especially in the primary years, to ensure that a child’s education revolves around the child itself. This article gives you ideas about how you can convert a child’s experiences, emotions, and thoughts in to his/her teachers.

We the children, together

Although cooperative learning is the catch phrase in education today, a lot of schools still believe in getting each child to learn on his own. There is a lot of advantage to allowing children to learn together in groups. Here are some tips on how you can incorporate coopertaive learning in your classroom.

Move it to learn it

The mind-body coordination is absolutely essential for any learning to happen in children. When children take part in kinesthetic activities, they relate to each other in a more beautiful, fundamental and natural way. Here are some activities that will help you make children move.

Musical tools

Which child does not like music? Find here several ways in which you can bring music into your classroom and enhance your learning environment.

A buffet of choices for children

How did we learn a complete language – our mother tongue? A child mixes logic, pictures, actions, words and self reflection effortlessly, naturally, to learn a language on his/her own.