When hands-on learning became a habit

Varsha Singh
As a student, this teacher loved her geography class. Now, as a teacher, she carries forward her learning by taking care to make her classes interactive, while she plays the role of a facilitator. A brief narration in first person.

The invisible route to language

Vatsala Hegde
Language learning can go beyond textbooks. From poems and rhymes not found in the syllabus to planning short skits, vocabulary development can take place in myriad ways. A teacher shares some of her practices.

Pratyaksha darshan – The effectiveness of show and tell

Manek K Mistry
I think the effectiveness of an actual demonstrationdoes not diminish even now when so much information is available online. The importance of “pratyksha darshan”, actually meeting a person or visiting a place, has been accepted in our culture too.

Leave it to the children

K. Gayathri
Self-learning motivates students to learn independently and enrich their knowledge. A teacher writes on her classroom experience.

Reaching head, heart and body

P. Ajitha
The process of teaching and learning becomes more engaging when the teacher decides to meld a classroom experience into a lived experience. Here is how a teacher turned a letter- writing activity in the classroom into an experience where the students learned to value the essential worth of a letter.