Multiple intelligences: seven ways to approach curriculum

Thomas Armstrong
I don’t remember how I learned to tell time. So, when I was asked by a Wisconsin school district to develop a multiple intelligences way of teaching time to a group of first graders, I was initially stymied.

Discipline or Punish?

Nandini Nayar
What is the role of punishment in inculcating discipline in children today?

One for All, All for One

Manju Gupta
Many of us bemoan the fact that education has become too fiercely competitive, that the process of learning receives less attention than the product that we are contributing to a cut-throat culture where achievement means everything and understanding almost nothing.

An Uncommon Cause

Pawan Singh In the global village, the local is slowly being forgotten as privatisation increasingly informs development agendas. The Indian education system is an example of how this process is taking place, as government schools languish for want of better Read More …

Inside the Mind of a Child

Kamala Mukunda Day in and day out, teachers engage with children’s minds. Surely the topics of child development and cognitive psychology must excite the curiosity of any dedicated teacher. More than any other group of professionals, we need to know Read More …

Reclaiming Shiksha

Manish Jain “Real democracy is not about being able to choose one’s rulers. Real democracy starts with being able to choose one’s teachers.” – Dayal Chand Soni (adapted from Mewari language) My family and I have made a decision not Read More …

School as an Organic Unit

Anandhi Kumar The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – The Bhagavad Gita I was once the class teacher of a group of students who will, for all time, remain the best of my teachers. The class Read More …

Cut, Copy, Paste

Usha Raman Plagiarism – the intentional or unintentional use of material from another source without acknowledgment – has become a “rot” that has set into Indian society, especially into the educational system. While this happens more often than not because Read More …

The Teacher as a Professional

Meghana Rao Why should the teacher be perceived as a professional? Of all professions, teaching is perhaps the most complex and the most difficult to practise. It is the only profession that nurtures human skills and capacities which help societies Read More …