Changing public schooling from the inside

Corporate intervention in the field of education is not new but of late there has been a change in the nature of their involvement in public schooling. All the major corporates in India have established not-for-profit organizations to carry out their educational programmes. While some hold hands with the government, other prefer to try and solve problems at the helm of the public schooling system on their own. Teacher Plus talks to the main corporate NGOs about their involvement in the education sector.


First day jitters and joys As we began planning for our September issue, we were all sure that it had to be special just like our previous issues. What could be better than asking teachers to go down memory lane Read More …

Not so testing times!

The Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) Starters Programme is the latest of the standardized tests. Unlike the GRE or IELTS, the YLE targets young children. Read this language trainer’s experience of training 6-8 year olds for the programme.

Changing times for tiny tots

Ardra Balachandran and Deepti Bharthur

With a surge of pre-schools in India Teacher Plus takes a look at the role these schools have come to play in the society. What do parents expect from these schools? Are they playschools or preschools? Is there a difference?

From mother-tongue to many tongues

An issue, in the educational field, that draws strong opinions from people is the medium of instruction in schools. This article has the author strongly advocating the use of regional languages in primary school as the medium of instruction.

Theme-based special issue

Teacher Plus brings out two theme-based special issues every year. The May-June issue, coming as it does during vacation time, is devoted to one theme, i.e. curriculum-based issues, topics and activities. The other special issue comes out every December focusing Read More …

The environmental crisis and education

The global environmental crisis is a serious problem and there is consensus that the problem needs to be addressed quickly. Education has a significant role in responding to the environmental crisis, but to be an effective solution education has to be re-oriented.


Interested in finding out what teachers do after they finish their day at school? Read this special feature that has five teachers talking about their lives after school hours.

Class room to learn

Sneha Reddy Classroom – the word conjures up an image of desks in pencil-straight lines, with aisles just wide enough to hold a supervising adult. A blackboard at the far end, the sharp answer-ready front benchers in the front rows Read More …

Unsung and unhonoured for too long?

Amukta Mahapatra The life of a ‘normal’ teacher, though many paeans have been sung to her or him as to how critical s/he is to the school system, continues without too many changes for the past hundred years or more. Read More …