Learning to be free

Gita Krenek
The concept of freedom is extremely important to us as individuals. But the fact that we live not alone but in a society means that this freedom comes with responsibilities. So how do we help our kids discover that despite being bound by certain rules they are still free? What can we do in our classrooms to help them discover their freedom? Find a few answers in this article.

Making Math real

Sinny Mole
How can a teacher teach Math effectively? How can children learn to love the subject? Mathematics is learnt best when children are actively participating in that learning. This is true for teachers as well. Interactions are indeed the heartbeat of a mathematics classroom. The teaching and learning of mathematics is a complex activity and many factors determine its success.

You are like me, I am like you

For the first time in the history of education in Nagaland, teachers were involved in the development of textbooks providing insights from the classrooms and making the entire process authentic. This helped them look at their own teaching critically and evaluate themselves. This exercise helped them collaborate with other teachers and they understood that each of them was a bit like the other.

What is your students’ “Locus of control”?

Did you know that all of us have a dimension to our personalities called the Locus of control? What is this personality dimension? What does it have to do with our students? Is it something that is good or something that is bad? Find the answers in this article.