Cleaning up speech!

Pooja Birwatkar
Swear words have become commonplace especially among young adults. Are these words acceptable in a school environment? Should not the classroom be a place for good behaviour? What steps can teachers take to curb the use of these words in everyday language? This article lists a few strategies to address this issue.

Moving beyond comfort zones

Nimesh Ved, Arti Pandey and Anshumalika Rai
How important is it to bring in the concept of gender and sexuality at the school level? Are teachers even comfortable in starting a discussion first among themselves? How can they plan to take it forward? This article explains the initial tentative steps that were taken on the topic – from conversations with colleagues, then with children and then with some sessions on activities in the classroom.

Animals on the move

Sunita Biswas
The recent translocation of eight cheetahs into the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh can serve as an interesting learning exercise touching across all disciplines. From geography, history to even creative writing, children can be introduced to a fascinating tour of wildlife and the movement of animals. Debates surrounding the ecosystem and the pressure on land resources can be part of extended activities helping students to understand various facets of this initiative.

The transformative power of belief

Aruna Sankaranarayanan
Some books are priceless and discussions around them always resonate with different readers as also with teachers. Totto-Chan, the Little Girl at the Window is one such book. This book is a delightful account of a little Japanese girl whose life is turned around by a perceptive mother and an extraordinary principal. Read up this book to get an insight into some nuggets of psychological wisdom.

Children, citizenship and poetry

Samina Mishra
When children engage with the arts, they are able to express their thoughts and feelings in ways that help them understand their lives and worlds. This article is based on a project that draws upon the author’s work with children in collaborative creative practice using text, image and sound. The project, Hum Hindustani, includes creative workshops with children that are designed around the ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Two poems written by two children on the idea of fraternity reflect their thoughts.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge – An attempt to outline it

Chandrika Muralidhar
Is mere content knowledge enough for a teacher to be effective in the classroom? Or should he/she be also well-versed in the processes and methods of teaching? In a three-part series, Teacher Plus will help readers to understand that the ideal knowledge base for an effective teacher should be curriculum knowledge, knowledge of educational contexts and knowledge of the purposes of education.

Five ways to combat teacher burnout

Vaidehi Sriram
Teachers are always on the job, even outside work hours. This usually takes a toll on their physical and mental health leading to a burnout from which many teachers do not recover. Here are a few tips that can help teachers rediscover their passion for teaching.

Searching for meaning in a school library

Geetanjali Mehra
How can a school library be more welcoming of its participants/readers? Is there a way that a school librarian/teacher can be more effective in her engagements with children? For instance, teaching-learning tools can make a big difference in library sessions. Using story-telling methods that resonate with children can bring about a deeper understanding of the books. A teacher-librarian reflects on her journey.

Arts-based teacher training – an imperative need

The arts offer a unique vocabulary which can help teachers to be inclusive in their approach to teaching. Teachers must learn to experience art in order to know and use it and eventually make it their own. Teacher-training workshops that are designed around arts- based engagements and play help teachers to focus on discovery, communication and collaboration. Such experiences give room to teachers to develop reflective practices that can help them review their approach to teaching.

To a librarian, with love

Chintan Girish Modi
Thammi’s Gift is a rare children’s book that addresses both grief and joy without any over-simplification. The book acknowledges children’s feelings on the death of a grandparent. It is a tribute to a pioneering Indian librarian, Bandana Sen. It is also a useful resource for adults.