When conversations can bridge the gap

N. S. Lakshmi Sengupta
A first person account of how collegial and congenial relationships worked wonderfully for the writer in her professional life. Here are a few tips on how to forge these kind of relationships in a teaching- learning environment.

The magic of the collective

G Gautama
Work in a school acquires a fresh flavor with friendship and camaraderie bringing out the best in teachers. Without such relationships, a learning atmosphere cannot emerge. Only a learning teacher can participate in a living, learning environment. People one works with are an important element of this ground.

Timeless teacher stories

Seetha Anand
A short article on stories of teachers who shared an amazing rapport with their students.

Teacher camaraderie as a building block for success

Bindu Subramaniam
Cooperation and friendship among teachers is a great thing to role model for children and helps their social emotional learning, but being educators, teachers need to hold each other up. The article shares five tips to build a stronger community of teachers in your school.

A circle of care, trust and maitri

Saesha Pillai and Pranali Patil
What does professional friendship mean to teachers? It is a circle of care and trust, of sensitivity and vulnerability, the joy of shared learning experiences and a zone of comfort. It is a space for teachers to support each other, share honest feedback and celebrate each other’s growth.