Celebrating languages

C Rama Devi
Learning does not happen only inside classrooms, in fact a lot of it happens outside. And that is why this school in Hyderabad plans year-long activities such as spell bees, drama, recitation, writing competitions to help their students learn different languages in a fun way.

Getting familiar with our fundamental rights

Vikash Sharma
Unless we draw parallels to real life and tell children how they work and how we can own them, fundamental rights and duties will remain mere words in their textbooks. As teachers we have to find ways to show our students that the fundamental rights are something that we are entitled to as citizens of this country and that they are not meant to simply lie in the pages of a book.

Teachers as standard bearers: professional norms and NEP 2020

Indira Subramanian
The one thing that seems to have remained constant in reports that assess student learning in this country is that the learning level of our students is not age-appropriate. Most often, the reason given for this is poor teaching standards. In an effort to improve the quality of teachers in India, the National Education Policy 2020 has proposed to introduce the National Professional Standards for Teachers. There are arguments for and against this and whichever side you may be on, it is certain that teacher standards will soon become a reality and therefore what is important is how best we can influence them.

An immersive and healing experience

Nandini D
Gardening is an immersive and fulfilling experience, but to those of us that are new to this, it can get overwhelming sometimes. With all the things we need to do every day, tending to the plants becomes one more thing on our to-do list, and what about vacations? Who will take care of our gardens if we go on a vacation? Here’s why such concerns should not stop you from nurturing a little beauty inside your home.

Bringing picture books to life

G Veena Rao
Of all the different kinds of books there are, picture books are the most underrated. Picture books can impart a wealth of knowledge and can be read by anybody at any age. As the author worked with first generation learners with picture books, their high utility value became even more clear to her. Her desire now is to start a picture book library and make these books easily accessible.

A bit of music can dispel the blues!

Bindu Subramaniam
It is by now widely accepted and proven that the benefits of a musical education and music in education are many. That is why Teacher Plus brings its readers this new column. Every alternate month, the column will focus on how music can positively affect children and how we can harness its power to aid students in their learning journey. This month see how you can use music to help children this exam season.

Can comprehension be taught?

Aruna Sankaranarayanan
Learning of any kind requires comprehension and that is why this is an important skill that students must possess in their armoury. But is this a skill that can be taught? Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis tell you how in their book, Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension to Enhance Understanding.

A spinner of tales

Devika Nadig
After a long and arduous year of training young graduates in the nuances of action research and mentoring them to become good teachers, the author travels from Dehradun to Rishikesh and Haridwar for a wonderfully sublime experiencebefore turning the trip into quite a memorable one by planning and meeting her favourite author, Ruskin Bond.

Having those difficult conversations

Parveen Shaikh
We don’t talk about death with children, often because it is awkward and to protect them from the unpleasant things in life. However, by not talking about it either at home or in school, we are making it difficult for them to process death. So are you ready to remove the taboo surrounding death and help children accept life’s reality?

Why we need to implement project-based learning

Narendra D Deshmukh, Sandhya A Thakur, Vinita Shrouty, Nivedita Deshmukh
NEP 2020 proposes child centric learning as the way forward and a good way to make this possible is to start implementing project based learning or PBL. Besides being learner centric, the advantages of PBL are many — it promotes collaboration, problem-solving skills, interpersonal communication and creativity among many other things.