Nurturing human values

N Sai Prashanti
Nurturing is a big part of school education now than ever before. Here are some ways in which human values can be inculcated in children.

SEL: An essential tool for healthy development and meaningful learning

Lorea Martinez
Social and Emotional Learning is extremely important in a world filled with strife, discontent and hatred. Usually when we talk of SEL, it is mostly the student that we are thinking about, but we should also be concerned about the social and emotional needs of the teacher if she is to care for the student. Read on for suggestions.

Time to go back to the old teaching methods?

Latha Vydianathan
PBL, hands-on learning, experimental pedagogy are all very well, but have we done the right thing by ignoring learning by memory all together? Here is why sometimes memorization is also a good learning technique and why we must bring it back into our teaching methods.

The parent-teacher partnership

R Jeyatheerthan
Parents and teachers have to work together to turn our children into responsible, well-adjusted and balanced young adults. Let us come together for the sake of our children.

How can teachers’ abilities be enhanced?

Hemen Dutta
A teacher’s job is not easy at all. But that doesn’t mean that she can hide behind this fact and use it as an excuse for a less than satisfactory teaching. Teachers need to be supported and policies need to be changed to help the teacher do her best.

It’s always possible to learn new tricks!

Usha Raman
You are never too old to learn something new. Learning is second nature especially for teachers. Whether it is finding new ways of managing the classroom, or developing new teaching techniques, or discovering new facets of their students, teachers never stop learning. Learning and growing is human nature and that is why if one has the curiosity and the willingness, one can learn anything at any age.

Crypto kids

Neerja Singh
Welcome to Web3, the future of the internet. Even as this vision for a newer and better version of the World Wide Web is evolving, young children are already being trained in the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, crypto currencies, blockchain technology and NFTs. Like with everything that is new, Web3 is both exciting and baffling.

The power of words in the primary classroom

Yukti Lao
When we think of language in a school setting, we only think of it in terms of a subject or subjects to be learnt. But language is also used to transact lessons. As teachers we aim to deliver the perfect lesson but don’t give much thought to the vocabulary we use to deliver those lessons. We are also caregivers, guides, and counsellors to our students but may not always be mindful of what we say to them. Spoken words have the power to make or break the listener. Even seemingly harmless words such as ‘easy’, ‘simple’, and ‘straightforward’ can cause damage and that is why we have to be watchful of the words we use both to instruct and interact with our students.